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Dec 2011

My journey to free WiFi calling using my old G1 (No Cell Service) and Google Voice. It works great with Android 1.6 on the G1.

  • Get a free DID (internet to phone number) from for incoming only.
  • Create a account and set it up to use ipkall, localphone, and other SIP providers.
  • Install SipDroid on your G1 from the Market and use your pbxes extension credentials to login and receive calls.
  • Install Gvoice Callback from the Market on your G1 to route outgoing calls via Google Voice. (As of 12/11/11 it is no longer free $2.99)
  • 3CX works great as an alternative to Sipdroid and works with & on windows, Android, and IPAD.

Enjoy FREE WiFi Calling.

I unlocked an old RTP300 Vonage adapter to use for corded phones in the house. I just created another extension in for it to login to the PBX.

An alternative to ipkall, you can use which is much more reliable and you get a local San Antonio number $3.00 setup and .99/Mo. with free incoming and .005 for outgoing (Not needed for use with Google Voice when using callback feature). This also works with sipdroid and the RTP300, in case you want to skip the account.

Just added a number to and it works great ($2.95/Mo. for their dirt cheap DID promo). Sharing pbxes with a friend, WiFi calling over IPAD and G2. One nice feature is dialing a simple extension to reach your friends.

I'm routing the incoming number to my extensions and the number to his.

Devices on the system at this point:

  • (2) G1 Sipdroid
  • (1) G2 Sipdroid
  • (1) IPAD 3CX
  • (1) 3CX windows
  • (1) Acer Iconia A500 with Sipdroid and 3CX
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